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About Didier

DIDIERAt the age of 16 Didier met his Guru while travelling in Ecuador. He took initiation as a Bakti Yogi and lived as a monk in an ashram in the jungle of Ecuador. During his time there he began his practice of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. He then travelled to Colombia and opened his first school of yoga where he taught for two years.

He then taught at the largest sports health club in the country for four years. He then opened a second yoga school, Vishnu Yoga Studio. At Vishnu Yoga Studio he acted as director and taught Ashtanga and Power Yoga. In 2014 Didier travelled to India to continue his studies and yoga practice in Rishikesh and Mysore. Didier now lives in Abu Dhabi teaching yoga, Pilates Mat and Reformer Pilates at Bodytree.

Didier is an internationally certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance, 500 hours)

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